Home Security – A Thorough Approach for Protecting Your Home

Home Security – A Thorough Approach for Protecting Your Home

A thorough approach to protect your home is to identify the types of protection equipment you will need and how this equipment can provide you with the most effective home protection at a cost that is most affordable without compromising you and your family’s safety. A multi layer of protection equipment is the best way to accomplish your protection goals.

The first line of protection should be wireless security cameras for your home. With the technology available today, wireless security cameras are not only affordable but easy to install thus giving you control of your budget but also of your time. Depending on your personal needs and goals for protection, wireless security cameras are available to you in a variety of models; Black and White wireless security cameras, night vision cameras, network ip cameras, infra-red cameras and many more. The point is that what ever your needs are for home security, wireless security cameras should be your first line of protection for the home. As your first line of defense, visible wireless security cameras will give the overt protection that tells a would be burglar/intruder that he should go down the street to an easier mark and leave your house alone.

The second line of protection should be motion sensors, like wireless security cameras, motion sensors are affordable and easy to install. What a wireless security camera might see a motion detector will feel. Now you have both sight and feel protection for your home. Motion sensors are portable and mobile so you can place them in all the unique areas in and around you home, giving you the ultimate in home protection and detection. As the wireless security cameras give you sight and overt protection, the motion sensors will add the layer of covert protection when needed.

The third line of protection should be alarm monitors. Alarm monitors like wireless security cameras and motion sensors are also quite affordable and easy to install. Alarm monitors can give you both overt and covet protection. By alerting you to a would be burglar/intruder and creating fear when the unpleasant alarm sound is activated. The alarm monitors available today have many of features to meet your individual protection needs.

In addition to the above protection equipment one needs for there home protection and security, please always make sure of the following:

•You always should have appropriate lighting both in the front, back and sides of your home
•Your home should always have solid and sturdy doors
•Always have you windows locked and secured
•Take careful measures that your home is secure when vacationing and always stop you paper delivery and have some one pick up your mail or have the Post Office hold until you return

Additional Features of a Home Security Alarm System

Additional Features of a Home Security Alarm System

The most basic home security alarm systems include a control panel, a keypad, a siren, access monitors and, in the case of monitored systems, an off site control station. These basic features are adequate for simple home protection against burglars but some people may opt for more advanced home security alarm systems that incorporate more advanced features. Home security alarm systems may include a smoke detection system, glass break detectors, panic buttons and motion detectors.

When most people think of a home security alarm system, they think of a burglar alarm system. While it is true that the primary function of a home security alarm system is to protect your home and your possessions from burglars, this is not the only function of home security alarm systems. As the name home security alarm system implies, the system is devised to protect your home. This includes protecting your home from damage due to fires. For this reason, many people have a smoke detection system linked to their home security alarm system. This will sound an alarm and alert the control station if smoke is detected.

Glass break detectors are another advanced feature that some individuals like to include in their home security alarm system. These systems are able to identify the sound of glass breaking and will activate the home security alarm system when this sound is identified. This is helpful because most home security alarm systems include access monitors that determine when doors or windows or opened. This makes your home vulnerable to burglars who break a window rather than opening the window to access the home. Installing glass break detectors in your home security alarm system will minimize this problem.

Panic buttons are another optional feature in a home security alarm system. These are hand held devices that can be placed in strategic locations throughout the house. These panic buttons enable the homeowner to send and immediate message that they are in trouble to the monitoring center. This alarm can be sent silently or can be an audible siren that sounds throughout the house.

Another feature that many individuals elect to incorporate into their home security alarm system is a set of motion detectors. These motion detectors act as a second line of defense in the home security alarm system. If the burglar is able to enter your home without triggering the alarm, the motion detectors will sense that he has entered your home and will trip the alarm, thus sounding the siren and sending a message to the monitoring center if your system is monitored.

Your home security alarm system can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. Incorporating some of the more advanced features into your home security alarm system can provide your home with better protection. These home security alarm features can be very valuable in the case where a burglar knows how to work around the confines of a standard home security alarm system.

The Advantages of Monitored Home and Business Security

The Advantages of Monitored Home and Business Security

There is an old saying that you can never have too much protection. While a few years ago few Americans realized just how true this sentiment was, times are changing. As a result Americans who once thought the need for added home or business security was something that should be reserved for the fabulously wealthy are beginning to discover that the wealthy are no longer the only ones needing protection in this country.

Sadly enough, the middle class is becoming the more widely targeted group by those who would bring harm to property or possessions. For this reason, it is now more important than ever before to insure that your home and business has adequate security measures in place in the event that the unthinkable happens. There are few better ways in which to secure your business and home better than having a monitored security service that is available to the average middle income family. Some small companies can absorb the expense of security personnel though in many cases it is not as cost effective as obtaining a simple monitoring service for their security needs would be in the first place.

In fact, the number one advantage to having a monitored security service for your home and/or business is the fact that it is often more security than is currently present in the average household. This means that some security is far better than no security in the big picture. Even if you opt to install a security system for your home, how effective will it really be without being monitored?

The monitoring service fee is the one setback that most people feel when it comes securing their homes and businesses and yet the monitoring service is what makes this work to the advantage of home and business owners. One thing you may want to consider in order to offset the monitoring fees each month is checking with your home or business insurance policy and seeing if you can get a reduction in fees for taking extra security measures. Some insurance companies will reward this proactive stance when it comes to security and at times it can almost completely offset the fees.

Another advantage to monitored home and business security is the fact that there is someone to assist with security needs 24/7. This means days, nights, and holidays, your home is being watched and guarded by someone with your best interests at heart. Seriously if there are a rash of break ins in properties that are protected by your service it would definitely be bad for business. They have a vested interest in keeping your home safe from invasion or at the very least ending the situation as quickly as possible should the unthinkable occur.

For those who need a very distinct advantage, the costs incurred by monitoring services are significantly less than those that would be required in order to hire security personnel in order to secure your home or business twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. Don’t forget the additional expenses of overtime and holidays. These things add up rather quickly and are far greater, expense wise, than the average household or small business could or should absorb. Check your budget and decide for yourself if a monitored security service for your home and business might be exactly what is needed in order to get the security your family and employees deserve.

Wireless Security Systems – What You Need To Know

Wireless Security Systems – What You Need To Know

A security system safeguards you, your home, and your family against intruders, robbers, and other criminals. Until recently, protecting your home with a security system involved purchasing an expensive wired system, major home construction, and hefty installation fees. But these cumbersome problems are virtually non-existent now due to advancements in technology that have led to the widespread use of wireless security systems. More than half of American homes equipped with an alarm have wireless security systems.

Why choose wireless security systems?

Wireless security systems come with all the bells and whistles of a wired system, but at a fraction of the costs and headaches.

• Do-it-yourself installation
• No home remodeling necessary
• Take it with you if you move
• Simple to upgrade

How do wireless security systems work?

Just like a wired system, wireless security systems consist of a control panel, touch pad, cameras, motion detectors, and alarms. But unlike its wired counterpart, wireless security systems’ control panels utilize radio signals to interact with the different accessories you’ve integrated into your system.

When a motion detector, alarm, or camera alerts the control panel of a break-in, wireless security systems’ control notify the monitoring company and police are immediately dispatched to your home.

What components do you need?

Before you purchase any of our wide selection of wireless security systems, be sure to know what you need and where you need it. You can purchase a complete kit of one of our wireless security systems at The Home Security Store for as little as $100.00. These kits include the basic parts needed for minimal security, such as:

• Control Panel
• Key Pad
• Motion Detectors
• Window Alarms

Sometime you want more protection and security for you, your home, and your loved ones. Before heading to your local security store or logging onto home security store, take a walk around your home and make a list of all the different areas you want to secure. Then come back to the following chart to see what wireless security systems components you need to purchase.

DoorsDoor Alarms
WindowsWindow Alarms
Living RoomSurveillance Cameras
Motion Detectors
BedroomsCarbon Monoxide
Smoke Detectors
NurseryNanny Camera
GarageDriveway Alarm
Motion Detectors
Entry WayMotion Detectors
Surveillance Cameras
YardMotion Activated Flood Lights
Front PorchMotion Activated Lights
Surveillance Cameras

Where do you purchase wireless security systems?

Many stores throughout the nation sell wireless security systems, but they often carry a limited number systems and select brands. Home security store sells wireless security systems and hundreds of components for dozens of different systems and brands. Arm your home with a wireless security system and enjoy peace of mind knowing you have advanced security technology safeguarding your family.

home automation security system

home automation security system

Home Automation Security System: Providing Maximum Comfort and Security

Imagine that you are on your way to work in the middle of the freeway and on that same day, you will make an important presentation to a very large potential client. Suddenly, you remembered that you didn’t turn on your home security system. Because of this, you will constantly think about what might happen in your home. You have to face the fact that you will never forget about this simple blunder and will eventually result in ruining your whole day by simply worrying about what might happen.

Today, you can avoid this with home automation system. Most home automation system today is integrated with internet connection in order for you to access your home security system through the internet. With the same situation mentioned, you can easily activate your home security system by logging on to your home automation system through the internet and by simply clicking on an icon, you will instantly activate your home security system.

It may sound like coming out of a Hollywood fictional movie, but you have to consider that the home automation system have existed for quite a while now. In fact, millions of homes worldwide are now integrated with this system and people living in those homes live a more comfortable life.

With a home automation system installed in your home, you can be sure that you will live an easier and more comfortable life. Another great thing about home automation systems available today is that most are integrated with home security features to provide additional protection for your home and also for you and your family.

If you and your family is going out of vacation, you can discourage burglars from entering your home with home automation systems. To do this, you will simply preprogram the lights and electronic devices in your home, such as your home entertainment system to turn on and off at random intervals throughout the duration of your vacation. Because of this security feature, you can make your home to look like it’s occupied. Occupied homes full of activities can successfully thwart off any burglars who wants to enter your home. The home automation security features will enable you to make your home look like it’s occupied.

Aside from the alarm system that you can install in your home, home automation features such as preprogramming electronic devices to turn on and off at a specified intervals will add to security. In fact, burglars will think twice before even attempting to enter your home.

Some home automation features are also installed with different kinds of alarms. Smoke and fire detectors, emergency lighting and other life safety features are few of the many security features that you can benefit from home automation systems.

For example, if a fire starts in your home, it will automatically trigger the alarm, wake everybody up and will turn on all the emergency lights around your home in order to better guide your family out to safety. Some are also designed to automatically call the authorities concerned.

There are also other benefits that you can take advantage of with the home automation system aside from the security features. For instance, if you are already lying down in your bed and getting ready to sleep, you remembered that you forgot to turn off the lights inside your kitchen, through the wireless touch screen control panel that comes with modern home automation systems today, you can easily press an icon and turn off that light without even leaving your bed, and head for your kitchen just to switch off the lights.

As you can see, home automation systems can definitely give you more comfort and convenience to live your daily life. It will ensure security for you, your family and your home and also provide maximum comfort for everyone living in your home.

If you are interested getting a home automation system, you should consider getting one from a company that manufacturers that latest home automation technology. If you are unsure of what home automation system to get, you should ask people you know who already has the latest home automation system installed in your home.

Home automation can definitely improve the way you live your daily life. It can provide additional security in your home and also provide additional comfort.

Security of the Brinks Home Security System

Security of the Brinks Home Security System

Home security system is one of the major concerns when it comes to security. All in all, the home is the first place that we want to feel secured – a sacred abode that we want both to have comfort and safety. The Brinks Home Security System understands this call.

The Brinks Home Security System is a reliable security system for homes offering up- to- date technological solutions for your home’s security. Its system equipments passes through a thorough consumer products design and testing and are also UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories testing) certified as standard and quality home security system. And not only that the Brinks security products are reliable, the Brinks Home Security System is also affordable, being recently rated as “Consumer Digest” ‘Best Buy’ with its standard security system installation starting at only $99 and its premium security system at $205 – on target for any family of any size of income. And the Brinks Home Security System is also user-friendly. Its easy to use alarm system turns the ‘on’ button at a simple one-touch, requires only an uncomplicated numeric code for disarming, and applies comprehensible keypad use for the various functions of the security system. Easy use for kids and seniors – the system also includes 3 special buttons to have Brinks direct you to medical, fire, or police assistance. Any questions? – Not to worry about a single thing. The Brinks Home Security System is recognized for its superior customer care service, and, its 24-hour 7-days-a-week alarm monitoring operations.

The Brinks Home Security team remains to be trained and trusted with their dedication to prompt emergency response whatever day or season. The Brinks Home Alarm monitoring professionals specifically are awarded as life savers and protectors of about a million homes and keeps committed to its JD Power & Associates and Consumer Digest Awards and Recognition.

Best of all, the Brinks Home Security System is devoted always to bring ease of mind to its highly-valued customers with their continuous home security equipment updates – Standard or Premium Alarm Key Pads, Master Control Panel transmitting to the Brinks Central Monitoring Center, Interior and/or Exterior Siren, Smoke/Heat Detector, Carbon Monoxide Detector, Heat or Temperature Sensor, Moisture Sensor, Motion Detector, Door/Window (Opening) Sensors, Glass-Break Detector, Flex Switch (window and glass break detector), Telephone (Additional Keypad) Control Module, Smart Key Wireless Security System Remote Control, Weatherproof Strobe Light for locating your home, and even Brinks (Protected Home) Warning Yard Signs.

With all these, you’re sure to have Brinks always on your side to help protect your home and your family.

Home Security Devices

Home Security Devices

Are you living in an area where a high rate of burglary has been reported? Do you want to protect your home and your family while you are away, or while you are in residence? If these thoughts ever occur to you, then I recommend home security devices which are now available in almost every store.

Home security devices now come in a number of forms. They differ according to their style, functions, and of course, price. Some come expensive, but there are also others that are offered with a low tag price, depending on what particular device you are considering.

If, for instance, your main concern is to protect your family and properties while you are away from home, the basic home security devices like alarms could be your best choice. However, when choosing security alarms, consider those that include contact sensors on doors and window, one or two infrared sensors for your interior, and a control panel and alarm sounder. These features will alert you when burglars breached your space, and they would even deter intruders from entering your home.

Other home security devices that may of great use to protecting your property include glass breakage detectors, internal motion sensors, smoke or heat alarms, a flashing strobe light, security cameras, extra movement sensors, external lighting, panic button, access control device, fire alarm, and a lot more. Each of these home security devices differs according to their functions, but all are designed for the same purposes – prevention, detection, and emergency response.

The home security devices are designed for prevention of possible risks and problems. Perhaps one of the most perfect examples for this is the use of the visual deterrent of the alarm box in your house which would frighten off burglars and other potential intruders. In addition, the home security devices are designed for detection; hence almost all of the home security devices are now capable of activating the appropriate response every time a certain type of sensor is triggered to do its function. Lastly, the home security devices are crafted to bring about the call for necessary assistance, then alerting your family to deal with the situation.

Whether you need an audible system or something that will monitor the security of your home, it is important to weigh first the options. Consider your own choice, as well as the monitoring and installer company you may be dealing with. It is also a good idea to get hold of a free home security review or some kind of quotation from a number professional security companies. And, in case of emergency, don’t forget to call the crime prevention officer. They may also be delighted to help or assist you.

An Introduction To Security Cameras

An Introduction To Security Cameras

Security Cameras

Security is an aspect of concern for all to ensure protection of self and family members, property, offices, and livestock etc. Use of security cameras is considered as best way of deterring the criminals from causing harm to you or your property (even when you are thousands of kilometers away from your place), keeping away intruders and even for checking activities of your kids. You must have seen security cameras installed at vital installations like business houses, malls, banks etc. Some of the security cameras are visible whereas some are hidden cameras. Most of the security cameras are connected to computers (camera network security software). Some manufacturers offer you free security camera software. A cost-effective and breach proof security camera network can be created with the help of PC, webcam and security camera software.

Security Camera CCTV: The concept of use of CCTV security cameras is in existence since many years. However, with the advancement of technology the equipment used in the latest security camera CCTV system have changed significantly.

Change couple Device (CCD) or CMOS chips are used in CCTV security cameras for producing images. However, the images obtained through CCTV cameras with CMOS chip are poor in quality. CCD chip produces high quality images. The sharpness of picture is related to number of TV lines. Cameras with more than 400 TV lines are considered as good resolution and more than 500 TV lines are considered high resolution. Black and White security cameras provide greater resolution and higher light sensitivity. Color security cameras provide more natural and realistic images.

Following are some of the common types of security cameras, categorized on the basis of camera body.

• Professional grade security cameras
• Bullet cameras
• Board cameras
• PC based CCTV systems
• Stand Alone systems

Home Security Cameras: As indicative from the name security cameras used for security of home are called as home security cameras. Use of security camera has been in existence in offices and stores since long time. With the decreased prices and increased security consciousness, home security cameras are also becoming popular. You can attaché the security camera to your TV and view it like a normal TV channel. As you can see all visitors approaching your home, through home security camera, you can keep away intruders and suspicious people as well as vehicles and equipments. Home security camera can provide you information about the happening that tool place in your absence by recording events. Home security camera can be used as a device to check your kids. Security cameras can also be fitted at farmhouses with an aim of stressing trespassers and suspected danger to livestock. With the help of internet connected home security cameras you can ensure security of your home even when you are thousands kilometers away from home.

Home security cameras provide better results when placed on strategic locations in and around home and are adopted as part of combined security camera systems such as detectors, control panels and alarms. Home security cameras are available in various cost ranges.

Wireless Security Cameras: Security has become concern in our daily life. Use of various electronic devices is considered as best option for deterring criminals from causing harm to you or your property. Wireless security camera is one of such security devices. Initially Wireless security cameras were used in vital installations like banks etc. With reduction of cost and easy availability these cameras are now used on large scale in places like airports, casinos, departmental stores etc.

Network Security Camera Software: Use of video surveillance software is an excellent and cost-effective method for developing centralized security network. You can use bullet cameras or normal hidden cameras along with the surveillance software. Network security camera can be used for home security as well as at business places. At present Windows and Mac are the only two versions of internet video surveillance software available. Some of these network security cameras have Picture in Picture (PIP) feature. Recording facility, DVD play and burn facility and live broadcast via internet are the other features of network security camera software.

Tips for Preventing False Alarms with Your Home Security Alarm System

Tips for Preventing False Alarms with Your Home Security Alarm System

You may not think that a false alarm on your home security alarm system is a big deal but more and more home security alarm providers and local police departments are beginning to impose fines when home security alarm systems are tripped without cause on more than one occasion. It is estimated that as many as 95% of all alarms are false alarms. While this may sound reassuring to homeowners, it can be costly to home security alarm system providers and local police departments. It is a waste of their resources when they respond to a false home security alarm. This is why many home security alarm providers and police departments are beginning to levy fines for excessive false alarms.

Homeowners should understand how their home security alarm system works in order to avoid future false alarms. A common cause of false alarms in home security alarm systems with motion detectors is mistakes made by the homeowner. If your home security alarm system has motion detectors you should not place hanging plants near the motion detectors. If they sway while the motion detectors are activated your home security alarm system could be falsely triggered. Also, if you have pets secure them in a room that does not have motion detectors so that they will not contribute to false alarms. Blinds and curtains could also cause a false alarm. Moving air expelled from air vents could allow blinds and curtains to sway just enough to trip the motion detectors on your home security alarm system. You should ensure that your curtains and blinds are not in a position where they can be moved by the air from the vents.

Other tips for avoiding false alarms in your home security alarm system are related to common sense. For example, you should ensure that each person who has authority to enter your home is aware of how to deactivate the alarm when they enter the property. Anyone who is able to enter your property should know how to deactivate the alarm system so that they do not cause a false alarm by entering the home and not deactivating the system. You should not only tell each person how to disarm the home security alarm system but you should also allow them to practicing arming and disarming the home security alarm system so that they will have no trouble when they need to enter the property. Also, keeping your doors and windows in good working condition can help to avoid false alarms in your home security alarm system. If your door or window is not functioning properly, it could trigger a false alarm.

Responding to false alarms from home security alarm systems is costly to the local police. When home security alarm systems trigger without cause, the police waste time and resources responding to these alarms. For this reason, homeowners should be diligent about avoiding false alarms with their home security alarm system.

home automation security ge products 2

home automation security ge products 2

GE Products for Home Automation Security and Protection

There are many products offered in the market whether online or offline. That is why when you decide to purchase a particular product, choosing the brand name is quite hard. It will take some time and careful consideration before you can arrive at a decision.

Have you heard of home automation? This field is not new, but most of the time you can see this technology in action whenever you watch movies with futuristic themes. Homes of the future as many people call it; but now, you can incorporate home automation into your existing home systems. With the help of professionals, you can turn your home into a convenient, safe, and comfortable home.

Home automation can change your family’s life. You can enjoy watching your favorite movie with all the automatic features of your new home A/V systems. You can create lighting scenes, and most of all, you can go straight to bed at night because your security system is automatically armed. Even your doors and windows are automatically checked and locked. These features are really helpful for the entire family; so there no need to worry about burglars, and even fire.

There are many home automation security products which you can utilize to make your home a safer place to live in. There are many brands to choose from like GE, DSC, Visonic, Optex, Sensaphone, Sky Link, and Winland. Incorporating home automation in your security system will ensure total protection for you and your family.

Among GE’s line of products, they have gadgets specifically for security purposes such as their intrusion devices. GE is a trusted name when it comes to the quality of their products.

Here is a list of GE’s security products:

1. Alphanumeric Touchpad (60-983 ATP1000) – This device will let you control the programming, activation, and operation of your security system. The touchpad includes fire, police, and other panic buttons that you can activate anytime. You can instantly hear the alarm and status sounds because it has built in speakers.
2. Home Security (Wireless) System (80-307-3X-GE Simon3) – this is an advanced security system; it is smaller, wireless, and attractive
3. Fastpack Alarm System Kit (NX-4-FP-GE Security) – this kit has some popular options for a cost-effective and convenient security system
4. Hardwire/Wireless Kit (80-871 GE Concord) – this kit includes an LCD touchpad, window sensors, crystal door sensors, motion sensor, and interior speaker. This is an advanced security system which you can depend for fire and burglary detection.
5. Allegro Wireless Security System (80-795-GE) – this is an economical security system and is an addition to the Interlogix Family Security systems

These products are just some of the most popular security systems offered by GE. If you want to get a complete line of their products, you can visit various websites. You can also visit GE’s site for a more detailed presentation of their security systems.
When you talk about security and safety, it should always begin at home. Homeowners and home builders are more concerned now of residential security than before. Your home should provide a safe feeling for all its members, and with the help of new technology, that need is attainable. Thanks to home automation, the family can now enjoy the benefits it can provide.

GE is one of the biggest companies in the world when it comes to home security systems. They have the solution that’s just right for you. You can choose among their individual products, or you can go for an entire security system.

Having a house is not enough but if you turn it into a safe place where the family can dwell, it is already called a home. Naturally, you would want to protect you home investment like personal possessions, and most importantly your family. If you visit GE’s website, they can help you in choosing the right security system for home. They offer a wide selection of technologies, from the basic alarm to the look-in video security systems; from the hardwired to the wireless systems. You name it, GE has it; all the things that you need to protect your family and home is offered by GE.

So why wait till a burglar breaks into your house? Buy GE security products now and be protected.